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Women's Health - Palo Alto
211 Quarry Road
Suite #107
Palo Alto, CA. 94304 
Telephone: 650-721-6060
Fax: 650-721-6070

Monday to Friday:  9am to 5pm
Closed for Lunch:  12:00pm to 1:30pm

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For account inquiries on services beginning July 1, 2016, please call (800) 308-3285. 

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After Hours Emergency Calls
Our regular office phone hours are Monday through Friday 9am-12:00pm, 1:30pm-5pm. 
For appointments, advice, and medication refills, please call during office hours. We prefer not to refill routine medications after hours or on weekends, when your chart is not readily available,so please make sure you have an adequate supply before the office closes for the day or weekend. 
We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and urgent problems (e.g. labor, miscarriage, painful bladder infection). If you call with an urgent concern, please have the name and phone number of your pharmacy ready, whether or not you think it will be needed. Also, since we do not have access to your medical record after hours, please be able to provide any relevant information about your health or pregnancy to the on-call provider so that he/she may best advise you (e.g. gestational diabetes, preterm labor, any medications you are taking, medication allergies). 
If you have an urgent problem, call us at 650-721-6060. The operator will take your name and phone number and a brief description of your problem and page the on-call provider. Please make sure that you give the correct phone number and that the line is not busy, or cell phone out of range, when we call you back. We will usually call you back within 15 minutes. If we do not respond right away, it may mean that the on-call provider is busy with a patient or in surgery. Feel free to call back to make sure your call has gone through. If you have a true medical emergency, you should call 911.